Dear Participant,

Thank you for your interest in our “Zero Waste” poster competition. Although your poster design was on the first suspended on the web, it was removed because it was related to one or more of the items listed below. These terms have been published on the website since the announcement of the competition. Thank you for your understanding. Regards

“g. Each artist / designer can participate in the contest with three (3) designs that have not been awarded, exhibited (including social media, youtube etc.) or participated in any contest.

h. If it is determined that the application design has been exhibited and / or participated in any contest, the candidacy / application of the related work will be canceled immediately. In case of determining this issue after winning an award, the candidate will be obliged to return the prize money (with legal interest) and the certificate of achievement / participation.

i. The process of determining this situation is the publication of the top 100 posters ( on the website, the designs are suspended for 5 days, when there is an objection or similarity, the design is removed from the list and replaced. it continues with the announcement of the design that comes after it. For the added design or designs, an objection period of 2 days is given. If there is no objection, the final result is announcedIf an objection comes for the added designs, the organizing board decides whether this process will continue or not.

o. All artists / designers who participate in the contest and whose designs are worth exhibiting are deemed to have accepted the provisions of this specification in advance”.

Ödül alan afişler sıralı liste / Award wining posters list
Sergilenen afiş tasarımları karışık liste / Exhibited poster designs mixed list