Reza Abedini (born Tehran 1967) lives and works between Iran, Lebanon and the Netherlands. Graduated in Graphic Design from the School of Fine Arts in 1985, and completed a BA in Painting at Tehran Art University in 1992. Since 1989 he has pursued a career as graphic designer, founding the Reza Abedini Studio in 1993 ( Iran ) Orien+ationlab 2009 (The Netherlands). Abedini has appeared in numerous exhibitions in Iran and Europe. Such as: Persiannalite, Anatome Gallery, Paris (2008); Cartacanta festival expo, Italy (2010); Beittedine Art Festival, Lebanon ( 2011 ); His work is in public collections. He has received many international awards including a Prince Claus Award in 2006, in the Netherlands; Nominate for Jameel Prize 2010, V&A Museum, London; European Design Awards 2010.

Abedini is a graphic Designer creating work that contains many historical references such as the way in which he surrounds a single figure with empty space, which harks back to portrait painting and photographs from the Qajar period.

He emphasises the relationship between visual tradition and modern identity, encourages research in the rich history of Persian art and nurtures talent in the younger generations. His publication, ‘New Visual Culture of Modern Iran’, draws attention to developments in the field of design and highlights the work of young artists. He superb graphic design and his individual skill in adapting collective knowledge, making it new and compelling today.